The solo path of an entreprenuer… 

LOVE working on your own business but miss the comroderie of coworkers? Us too. 

One of our favorite things about working with a bigger team of people is the weekly meetings that get us connected, focused and poised for a winning week. 

But, what’s the option for Entreprenuers? Where can we gather in similar constructs to inspire and prep our week for incredible clarity? Where can we be guided so our weeks don’t get lost in “busyness” and be more intentional with engagement of productivity? 

Introducting, Monday Meeting. 

Monday Meeting is a weekly, online gathering that; 

✨ Tunes up your MINDSET for the week ahead
✨ Sets your FOCUS for the outcome you desire 
✨ Gives you CLARITY in the action steps to take each day 
✨ Increases your KNOWLEDGE around business building techniques
✨ Gives you space to CONNECT with other business owners from around the world

Easing stress + anxiety for only $100 per month

Stop dreading Monday’s… Here’s how it works 👇
Weekly Calls

Every Monday, you will log into a LIVE call at 7am PST/10am EST. Calls are PACKED with value and last 45 minutes.
No wasted time here! We get in, we get to it, we get on with our weeks. 

Call Replays

Replays will be available for 24 hours after the scheduled call time to review content, take more extensive notes or to catch up if you miss the LIVE. 

Haves and Wants

Looking for someone to help with a project, idea or launch? Have a skillset and are looking for ways to help others? 
We have a dedicated Community Board where you can share within the meeting what you are looking for or what you can provide.  

Planning Framework

You will be provided with our signature Weekly Planning Framework that we fill out together during the call to set your intention and focus for the week. 


We bring together a community of hard working individuals who are building something great and understand the hard work it takes to get there. We drive a culture of action takers, not just 


As an additional perk to joining Monday Meeting, you have the opportunity to opt-in to a Social Membership at Her Connection Hub, at no additional cost. That means you get access to special, Member-Only Events + Perks. Check out the full details of The Hub’s Social Membership here. 

Your Investment = $100 per month

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”

The fine print. By signing up for Monday Meeting® you agree to allow She Leads Me LLC dba Her Connection Hub to charge the card you add on file, each month until cancelation after a minimum of a three (3) month period.

Cancellation Policy. 30 day + cancellation notice must be received before the last day of the month prior to canceling. Example: To cancel effective June 1st, your cancellation notice needs to be received by April 30th. Notices can be emailed to