June 6th, 2024 – Our last event before Summer Break! 


The Hub Effect  

Creating an Intentional Culture of Awesome Relationships, Mentorship + Community in your Life. 

Have you ever walked into a conference, a business or an event and you can feel the good vibes? That didn’t happen by accident my friend, that culture was created intentionally.

Not only was the vibe on purpose, but it’s something you can craft for your life as well. Yes, you can create a walking vibe that follows you every where you go, and we are going to talk about how.

How do we have awesome relationships? How do we seek and give Mentorship? How do we build Community, no matter where we are? The Hub Effect is a cultural shift we will show you how to create in all aspects of your life, to feel those good energy every where you go. 

Join us! 


Heather Simpson has spent 18 years building business strategies + incredible culture inside local and national businesses. As Founder of Her Connection Hub and producer of the brand new upcoming podcast, The Hub Effect, she has dedicated her life to building spaces and communities for women, guiding them to a more connected way of intentionally creating their lives. 


Hosted by Her Connection Hub, join this incredible group of women who come together for a different type of “networking” event.

If you’ve joined us in the past, then you know this is a gathering of women that you can truly connect with- who won’t be trying to sell you from the moment they meet you. We are committed and devoted to building each other up and supporting each other.

At Breakfast Club, we keep business cards away until the end. So we can focus on only real, genuine, authentic conversation. We are there without personal agendas or sales quotas, to truly do what we do best; be relational.

One of the visions of Her Connection Hub, is to provide the best education around Leadership and Personal Development. Her Connection Hub is a space for  like-minded women to come together in community. We are proud to say that our events hit different… and women are noticing. The Breakfast Club Events sell out every month. The beautiful professional and personal relationships that have developed here have blown us away.

Come check it out for yourself and feel the difference. 


LOCATION | Her Connection Hub  1323 Commercial Street, Bellingham

DATE | June 6th, 2024

TIME | Breakfast and Gathering Start at 7:30 am

Ends at 9:00 am


Meeting new and familiar faces, gathering in community, fueling our bodies for the day, and having incredible conversations around life and leadership.

Bring your work with you! Your breakfast ticket includes a day pass to Her Connection Hub, a shared workspace for women in downtown Bellingham. 

**There is LIMITED SPACE at these events. Please be sure to register as soon as you are able to, to secure your spot.**


Beverages by Boel is providing all our coffee, tea and hot coco needs!




Leave your business cards at home ladies! This is where women come together to create true connections and relationships. We support each other without looking for a sale. We engage in meaningful conversation about life and business, and create quality relationships with other women in our community.