Membership for Her Connection Hub is now available for you! 

Why does this space require a Membership? In order for us to operate as a female only coworking space, Membership is a requirement. We have a couple of different Membership options available to be flexible with you and your needs. 

Current Specials! 

1- Week Trial Pass


  • Only $50 (a value of $150!)
  • Unlimited access to our open coworking space
  • 5-consecutive business days
  • 1 hour of conference room credit time
  • All the amenities that come with Membership
  • Redeemable through 3/31/2022

Unlimited Membership

If you are looking to work from Her Connection Hub 2 days a week or more, this Membership is your best value! Our Memberships are flexible to work with you. 

Month to Month or 6 Month Terms are available.


  • Access to our open coworking space
  • 2 hours of private Conference Room time per month
  • 1 hour of Media Room usage per month
  • Special pricing and VIP registration access to our in person events! 
  • Access to our Online Membership Platform
  • Unlimited coffee, beverages and snacks during your visit.

Drop In Membership 

If you’re looking to use Her Connection Hub a couple of times per month, this Membership option is a great fit for you. 

Find that you are using the space more? We can easily adjust your membership, just visit the Front Desk! 


  • Access to our open coworking space
  • Access to our Online Membership platform 
  • Unlimited coffee, beverages and snacks during your visit
  • Private Conference Rooms and Media Room available for reservations at member-only pricing

I love this place! Having an alternative to my home work space, and having a way to connect with other women who are in all stages of their businesses is so fantastic. The space is useful and gorgeous and friendly. Definitely a game changer for me!”

Kate Goldman

Owner, Goldman Guest Experience

Beautifully creative and welcoming ambience! Shared hearts, shared mission…a space for women to feel at home, collaborate and belong💜 Heather, Jordyn & Leslie want you to succeed and do everything possible to help you make that happen.

Rhonda Delaney

Leadership Coach, The People Gardener

Media Room – COMING SOON!

Looking to start a Podcast? Record that audio book? Create an Online Course? How about batch create content with photos? Our Media Room is equipped with all the tools you need to build a thriving and successful business, hobby or side gig! Unlimited Membership includes Media Room Credits to use each month. 

Conference Room

Our Conference Rooms are designed with you in mind! A perfect place to meet with clients, take private Zoom meetings, or meet with your team. Unlimited Membership includes Conference Room credits to use each month. 

Board Room 

Looking to host a larger meeting or workshop? Our Board Room is set up to host 10-12 people at a time with lots of space to create an ideal setting for your needs. 


    Memberships Include…

    Free WiFi

    We understand how important well working tools are. High speed internet is readily available for you to connect. 

    Free Printing Services

    Our high capacity copier and scanner is available for our members for their business and project needs 

    Unlimited Drinks

    We understand that productivity is highly fueled by hydration and caffeine! You’ll enjoy our large assortment of beverages available for you during the day, all included in your membership! 

    Unlimited Snacks

    We’ve got a stash of snacks available for during your time at Her Connection Hub. Keep the hangry away so you can keep your productivity up! Included in your membership. 

    In Person Events

    Each month you will have access to in person events hosted at Her Connection Hub! As a member, you will be notified of the upcoming schedule as well as receive Member-Only pricing. 

    Event Space

    Looking to host your own event? Our team can work with you to plan your dream gathering at Her Connection Hub! Just chat with our team to get started.

    Making Reservations

    Upon Membership Registration, you will receive access to the Her Connection Hub portal! You will be able to make reservations for the Conference Rooms, Media Room, Board Room or connect with our team about Event Rentals and other requests. 

    A Place for Women to Gather

    Her Connection Hub has been created for Women by Women to create Community, Connections and support. We operate as a collaborative environment where kindness, honesty and showing up as your best self is expected. 

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