Topic: IN FOCUS. Creating an intentional plan for 2024 to make more money, thrive relationally and WIN professionally. 

If you feel a lack of excitement, focus and joy in planning your business, career + life… it’s time to get in gear and IN FOCUS.

Heather Simpson is a business strategist that is here to remind you of the reasons you started your journey in the first place. Creating your plan for the next year doesn’t have to be a blah experience. Let’s infuse happiness into your process to get you thriving in all areas of your life!


Started by THE Lady Boss herself, Dr. Alysondra Duke, Lady Bosses is a group of entrepreneurial women who are seeking connections with other inspiring, badass women. 

Our not-to-miss in-person events have now returned from a 4 year pause! Now hosted by Heather Simpson of Her Connection Hub and She Leads Me, we are continuing the mission of Lady Bosses and gathering the most amazing women together for a different type of “networking” event.

If you’ve joined us in the past, then you know this is a gathering of women that you can truly connect with- who won’t be trying to sell you from the moment they meet you. We are committed and devoted to building each other up and supporting each other.

At Lady Bosses, we keep business cards away until the end. Why? So we can focus on only real, genuine, authentic conversation. We are there without personal agendas or sales quotas, to truly do what we do best; be relational. 

Come check it out for yourself and feel the difference. Greatness gathers here. 


LOCATION | To be announced 

DATE | Wednesday, January 10th

TIME | Starts at 7:00 pm

 Ends at 8:30 pm


Meeting new and familiar faces, gathering in community, cheers-ing with a fun beverage, and having incredible conversations around life and leadership.

**There is LIMITED SPACE at these events. Please be sure to register as soon as you are able to, to secure your spot.**