The Mission

We are committed to…

…creating a space where a community of like minded professional women cowork, collaborate, and connect. We are committed to supporting women by providing a productive work environment, inclusive community, and resources to build their businesses and careers. 

Why? We see the need for women in our community. Online connection is great however, the power of in person collaboration and connection is irreplaceable/cannot be replicated. 

We are creating the success recipe for women to have powerfully productive days while also feeding the need of personal connection. 

When we feel connected, the positive effects trickle into all areas of our lives. Our tanks have been depleted, especially during the pandemic. Now is the time to gather together to make the greatest impact in our world.

Our Vision is much bigger than us, and we need your help...


We want to gift a three month membership to 20 new business owners, entrepreneurs, and those that are working from home. 


of Members have noticed an increase of productivity since coworking from Her Connection Hub


of Members have made new connections that have helped their business grow


(yes, 100%) of Members have said they have made new connections that have benefited their personal lives.

We are a
Community Focused Organization

We understand that by bringing our mission forward and sharing it with you, together we can make the biggest impact in the lives of business owners, those working from home and entrepreneurs around us. 

Ready to support a new business owner?

We’ve made it easy to donate.
The link below will bring you to Venmo for a quick and easy way to sponsor.
A monthly membership to Her Connection Hub is $185 per month.
We’ve listed some suggested donation amounts however anything is truly helpful for the cause. Thank you for supporting a community of people that build our local economy!

Suggested donation amounts:
$50, $100, $200
or whatever is on your heart to give.
This community appreciates and values your commitment towards others successes!

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