Connections Breakfast

Our next event is Thursday, April 6th,  2023

April 6th, 2022 with
Heather Simpson + Rebecca Jancic 

Topic: Resilient to Relentless- Habits for becoming unstoppable

Join Heather of She Leads Me and Her Connection Hub along with Rebecca Jancic, Community Manager of Her Connection Hub, as they share strategies and implemented habits that have allowed them to grow both personally and professionally.

We know first hand that life can and will present challenges.
We also know, it is our attitude and approach to those challenges that will dictate how our future turns out.

We know- what we focus on expands.
We know – to be resilient, we must learn to reframe setbacks as opportunities for growth.

Join us as we share habits and strategies to help YOU

👉 Work with intention and alignment
👉 Implement habits that will impact you and the goals you desire for yourself and business
👉 Learn to quite the external noise and become laser focused on your WHY
👉 Learn how to listen to your body and intuition as guiding forces for your good
👉 How to push through the pain, hurt, and discomfort, and on to the other side where greatness lies

Your desired future is there for your creating.

Join us on the journey to becoming unstoppable.

And welcome to the road of winning your life and building solid community to cheer you along every step of the way.


Hosted by Her Connection Hub and She Leads Me, join Heather Simpson and an incredible group of women that are coming together for a different type of “networking” event.

If you’ve joined us in the past, then you know this is a gathering of women that you can truly connect with- who won’t be trying to sell you from the moment they meet you. We are committed and devoted to building each other up and supporting each other.

At our Connections Breakfast, we keep business cards away until the end. So we can focus on only real, genuine, authentic conversation. We are there without personal agendas or sales quotas, to truly do what we do best; be relational.

One of the visions of She Leads Me, is to provide the best education around Leadership and Personal Development. Her Connection Hub is a space for diverse and like-minded women to come together in community. We are proud to say that our Connections Breakfasts have sold out every month, and we’ve been blown away by the professional and personal relationships that have developed here.


LOCATION | Her Connection Hub, 315 Lakeway Drive, Bellingham

DATE | April 6th, 2023

TIME | Doors open at 7:15 am *

Breakfast and Gathering Start at 7:30 am

Ends at 9:00 am


Meeting new and familiar faces, gathering in community, fueling our bodies for the day, and having incredible conversations around life and leadership.

**There is LIMITED SPACE at these events. Please be sure to register as soon as you are able to, to secure your spot.**

Connections Breakfast

Leave your business cards at home ladies! This is where women come together to create true connections and relationships. We support each other without looking for a sale. We engage in meaningful conversation about life and business, and create quality relationships with other women in our community.